Our Story

Just like our favourite books, we too have a story.

Ashley Macdonald and Leila Goreil, Founders, Editors and Contributor for MANUSCRIPT Digital Magazine, Canada

An Idea Is Born

What once was a high school design assignment for Leila Goreil has now become a real thing!

With no real magazine for literary lovers or consumers of books, Leila Goreil and Ashley Macdonald decided to create one themselves. 

MANUSCRIPT Magazine is everything that's missing in the literary world for the people who actually read the books. 

Sure there are some great literary magazines for poets, publishers and professionals, but what about the readers and bibliophiles? 

That's where MANUSCRIPT comes in.

Ashley Macdonald and Leila Goreil, Founders, Editors and Contributor for MANUSCRIPT Digital Magazine, Canada

A Natural Partnership

Leila Goreil and Ashley Macdonald met in 2011, during a class in their freshman year of college. 

Now long-time friends, their shared love of reading, design and all things fandom united to create MANUSCRIPT Magazine.

Leila and Ashley want you to join them in all things books, literary news, fandom and more here at MANUSCRIPT Magazine. 

A love for books, but a need for digital.

First off, thank you for stopping by and hopefully downloading your FREE copy of MANUSCRIPT Magazine.

Sure there are tons of magazines devoted to authors, book releases and publishers, but what about actual readers?

Get ready for great books, author interviews, interesting features, column insights and more, here at MANUSCRIPT.

While we love books in their natural form, digital just made sense for the sharing of MANUSCRIPT Magazine.

You can get all your favourite bookish and literary coverage in one convenient download, ready to be read, shopped and shared.

‚ÄčOur Team

We're the readers and writers behind MANUSCRIPT.

Leila Goreil

Founder, Editor & Contributor

With a background in graphic design and a specialty for all things digital marketing, Leila paired her love of reading and books with her career and came up with MANUSCRIPT.

When she is not reading or working, you can find her grabbing a coffee and checking out the local spots in her hometown of Collingwood, ON.

Favourite Genre: Historical Fiction

Favourite Author: Jennifer Robson

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Tea or Coffee: Coffee

Ashley Macdonald

Founder, Editor & Contributor

Specializing in website design and graphic design, Ashley has always been an avid reader.

Ashley lives in Hamilton, ON and when she's not reading or working you can find her discovering local eats, playing video games or watching horror movies.

Favourite Genre: Supernatural / Fantasy

Favourite Author: Ellen Hopkins

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Tea or Coffee: Tea

Contributors & Photographers

Jordanna Lageer

Jordanna is a writer contributor for MANUSCRIPT

When she's not reading, you'll find her volunteering, crafting or finding reasons to visit the horses. 

Jordanna lives in Collingwood, ON.

Chantel Kelly

Chantel is a writer contributor for MANUSCRIPT

Chantel grew up in the world of books and has always found her place in fantasy. From supernatural literotica novels to young adult fantasies, she has enjoyed them immensely. She has grown up in many places; including England; but currently resides in Western Kentucky.